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Custom Polyethylene Bags, Film, Sheeting and Tubing

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Radioactive Material Bags

Yellow and clear bags printed "CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL" with tri-foil symbol. Border bags with write-on labels. Fire retardant available if necessary. Polyethylene tubing in 2, 4, 6 and 8 mil. available in all widths and colors.

Drum Liners

For product protection, moisture or vapor barrier.

Reduce costly cleanup expense by using disposable liners. Available for every drum size, custom or standard. Certain sizes available in stock for rush or emergency shipment.

Pallet Covers

For storage or shipment protection. Heat shrinkable covers for extra load stability and pallet integrity. Outdoor storage covers available with ultraviolet inhibitor to protect film from solar degradation. Print you own logo or messages - up to four colors, registered or random.


For product protection, moisture or vapor barrier. Manufactured for any size carton and the performance characteristics your product requires. Let us recommend the most economical package for your needs.

Infectious Waste Bags

Biohazard, chemotherapy waste and contaminated linen. Yellow or red bags printed with appropriate warning in English and/or Spanish along with biohazard symbol.

Asbestos Removal Bags

Stay in compliance with OSHA. Available in black, yellow and clear with pre-printed "DANGER" notification and specific hazardous warning. Custom generator name print available.


Print you own logo or messages - up to four colors, registered or random.

Other products:

We also manufacture the following products: Bottom Seal Bags, C&A Film, Centerfold Sheeting, Food Related (FDA Approved) Bags, Mattress / Furniture Covers, M-Fold Bags, Recycling / Bio Degradable Bags, Shrink Bags and Tubing.

All products are available in random or registered print (up to four colors ), bags-on-a-roll or individually cut and folded, FDA & USDA approved poly, fractional melt, E.V.A., U.V.I., Mettalocene, Hexene, Hi-Clarity, Flame Retardant, etc.